Interview - Eudes Correia

1. When did you meet watercolors for the first time and what made you choose that medium? My first contact with watercolor was at the age of 12, but I started painting frequently after I had grown up and after already experimented with various techniques. I can say that watercolor is addictive. It would be a kind of good addiction. I did not choose, I simply fell in love with watercolor. 2. Which artists did influenced you most and where do you find your daily inspiration?   There are several, but I will name only 4 of them. John Sargent, Joseph Zbuckvic, Chien Chung Way and Charles Reid.   3. You have a unique and recognizable style, could you explain to us how you developed it? My style is a mix of everything I like ... but I can not tell you the exact way to get to it. I know that I began to paint with my heart, with passion, with emotion and of course, always concerned with technique but never im worried with reproduction exactly. For find my style I had influ