Interview - Eudes Correia

1. When did you meet watercolors for the first time and what made you choose that medium?

My first contact with watercolor was at the age of 12, but I started painting frequently after I had grown up and after already experimented with various techniques. I can say that watercolor is addictive. It would be a kind of good addiction. I did not choose, I simply fell in love with watercolor.

2. Which artists did influenced you most and where do you find your daily inspiration?

There are several, but I will name only 4 of them. John Sargent, Joseph Zbuckvic, Chien Chung Way and Charles Reid.


3. You have a unique and recognizable style, could you explain to us how you developed it?

My style is a mix of everything I like ... but I can not tell you the exact way to get to it. I know that I began to paint with my heart, with passion, with emotion and of course, always concerned with technique but never im worried with reproduction exactly. For find my style I had influence from artists that I like, influence from all my past experiences with graphic design, with illustration. I made of my work a way of expressing what was inside me, in colors, forms and harmony. The fact that the reference is only a reference for me, leaves me free and allows me to try the new. I like to interpret a figure, retaining from my reference everything that is interesting, like light, shadow and detail and changing everything I do not like.


4. What paper, paints and brushes do you use?


Winsor & Newton Papers and Arches 300g fine grain.
Brushes, also only use Winsor & Newton
-Petit Gris
-Round Kolinsky or Marta
-Flat brush

5. How many colors do you use in your palette and which are they?

15 colors

Prussian, Cobalt blue, Ultramarine, Cerulean blue, Cobalt Turquoise Light, Viridian, Perylene green,
 Lemon yellow, Transparent yellow, Winsor Orange, Winsor red, Permanent Alizarin, Winsor Violet, Sepia, Paine's gray.

6. If you had to paint with a limited palette of 8 colors which ones will you choose?

Cobalt blue, Ultramarine, Cobalt Turquoise Light, Transparent yellow, Winsor red, Permanent alizarin, Winsor violet, Paine´s gray.

7. Could you explain your process in a few steps?

I start my work, when I go out on the streets, looking for references. This time, I make a sketch, take pictures and then go back to the Studio, I choose the references to paint. First I do a little sketch sometimes 2 or 3 sketches, to define the better composition. Once chosen, I set the format, the size of the paper, draw it in pencil and then paint the watercolor. I usually do this with 2 layers and sometimes I give a few small touches in small details with pure colors to finish my painting.

8. What will you advise watercolor beginners?
Try to learn everything you can in the watercolor. Learn about technique, about possibilities. Study all the artists you like ... but then find your own style. It will come after much study and lots of information stored ... your style will happen naturally if you paint with your heart and all your emotion.

9. What’s your 2019 schedule, when and where people can visit your master class?

This year I have been to several countries, but I will go to many others:
-Italia, France, Spain, China, Philippines again, United States of America, and others.


  1. Fantastic artist, love the light and colours, so sunny and looze. Doesn't appear to have tuitions in England, pity.


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